Experimental Photography

Tonight when I went out for a walk at sunset, I had missed that key time to take photographs. I rushed to get to a sky line that had some of those beautiful colours, however once I was able to take some pictures, it was far too dark, and without a tripod my hands were shaking too much for anything to come through clear. I then decided to just play with camera shake and movement. It was a lot of fun.

Abstract is a concept I struggle with. I can certainly appreciate it as art, yet I find it a difficult style for myself when painting. I can never truly let loose. So, never have I thought about “abstract photography”, yet that’s what I was feeling I was accomplishing this evening.

I will post some of these photos, even though it isn’t exactly my usual. But I had a lot of fun playing with light, and I want to share them!

Let me know how you loosen up with your art!


The Beginning


Thank you for coming across my new blog. I am very new to this, although photography is something I have loved for a very long time. I have finally decided that it is important to me that I start sharing my passion. Please forgive some of the roughness and the constant changes I will be making in order to make this blog my own! Enjoy.