Experimental Photography

Tonight when I went out for a walk at sunset, I had missed that key time to take photographs. I rushed to get to a sky line that had some of those beautiful colours, however once I was able to take some pictures, it was far too dark, and without a tripod my hands were shaking too much for anything to come through clear. I then decided to just play with camera shake and movement. It was a lot of fun.

Abstract is a concept I struggle with. I can certainly appreciate it as art, yet I find it a difficult style for myself when painting. I can never truly let loose. So, never have I thought about “abstract photography”, yet that’s what I was feeling I was accomplishing this evening.

I will post some of these photos, even though it isn’t exactly my usual. But I had a lot of fun playing with light, and I want to share them!

Let me know how you loosen up with your art!


Creative Mistakes

I just want to talk for a moment about making mistakes that you think will ruin how a photo has turned out, but then loving the outcome in the end. In my last photograph posted was the first time with my lens filters (adjusting UV and such). I had not screwed on on tight enough, thus creating the almost fish-eye look, without any actual distortion of the photo. I was irritated you could see the lens ring at the time, but later found it gave an interesting look to a static photo.

Have you ever had something happen that changed how you imagined your photograph would come out? Any happy mistakes, or just plain wrong ones? I feel I am open to these mistakes, and willing to see if I can make them work! I would love to know your thoughts.


Figuring It All Out

Lately I have been working more with editing my photos. Something I did very little of in previous years (not counting Instagram Selfies). While trying to find my own style, I dabble more into editing and creating a cohesive and recognizable look. I am finding that this is not an easy task. I do not wish to over work a photo, because my whole reason for capturing in the first place is finding existing beauty in every day life. I don’t wish to change it, simply enhance what I have captured from my mind onto screen or print. However, I have made some alterations to photos that have created unique feelings, and sometimes giving new life to something I have previously shot.

I want to draw that line between over enhancing, and creating my own style. I feel more experience with various lenses, and mostly time will help to create a recognizable feel for my work. I will now from time to time include a raw and untouched photo I have taken, just to keep that natural beauty coming.

I would love to know the opinion of other photographers, and how far they go with editing their photos. Does is depend on the subject? Does it depend on the quality of the image? Let me know what you think!